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Very short turnaround-time for results

The results are delivered within 48h of receipt of the sample(s).

Reactivity and Reliability

The combination of our skilled team and a high-performance analytical platform ensures rapid delivery of results and a personalised service.

Strengths of Scanelis laboratory:

  • the specialisation: Scanelis offers a wide range of tests for detection and quantification of pathogens, using a unique method: Real-time PCR. All the Scanelis PCR assays have been designed and validated by our R&D team.
  • a strong Research and Development capability: for each assay, during design and development stages, industrial constraints are considered by our R&D team in order to perform day-to-day analysis in the same experimental conditions.
  • a high-throughput, flexible and reliable analytical platform: our analytical platform enables to perform a large number of quantitative PCR analyses (120000 last year), still remaining extremely flexible: samples are registered upon receipt and every PCR testing is performed every working day.
    Scanelis has implemented each analytical platform equipment in duplicate in order to ensure a continuous service even in case of one engine would fail or would be undergoing maintenance.
  • facilities dedicated to molecular diagnostics
  • a quality management plan
  • a team of specialists