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Caninum Neospora

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Detection of Neospora caninum by real-time PCR.

Test indication

  • Diagnosis of neosporosis in the pup (frequently under ten months-old) showing nervous clinical signs such as paresis of the hind limbs evolving into paralysis, ataxia, myalgia and meningencephalomyelitis signs. Neosporosis is also the cause of breeding disorders in the female, such as embryonic or fetal resorption, abortion (over 45 days of gestation) and stillbirth.

Test characteristics

Diagnostic samples

  • Nervous signs: Cerebrospinal fluid or (post-mortem) encephalon, muscular biopsy.
  • Breeding disorders: stillborn pup’s lung, liver, kidney, spleen, placenta.

Result interpretation

  • Negative result: absence of the protozoan or quantity inferior to the limit of detection.
  • Positive result: detection of Neospora caninum in cerebrospinal fluid, muscles or encephalon confirms the disease when met with progressive nervous disorders. In a context of breeding disorder, detection of Neospora caninum in the placenta and/or stillborn pups’ organs is in favor of a pathogenic role. The parasitic load in cerebrospinal fluid is often low, however in tissues and particularly muscles, it is frequent to find important parasitic loads.
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