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Real-time PCR detection of pathogenic leptospira (Leptospira interrogans sensu lato).
The detected serotypes are (non exhaustive list): canicola, icterohaemorrhagiae, autumnalis, australis, grippotyphosa...

Reasons for testing

- Diagnostics of leptospirosis in all forms, even in chronic forms
- Assessment of the risk of human infection especially after a contact with an ill animal (zoonotic risk)

Test characteristics

- Real-time PCR
- Limit of detection
- Detection of all pathogenic serotypes in dog. No detection of saprophyte leptospira
- No possible typing of the serotype involved in the infection

Diagnostic samples

- Blood (EDTA) and urine (bacteremia is earlier than shedding in urine but transient). Several urine samples collected in 24 hours can be pooled to perfom one analysis. Samples must be collected before starting an antibiotic treatment.
- Liver, kidney (post-mortem)
- Reproduction disorders: - stillbirth organs, vaginal cells and blood (EDTA)

Result interpretation

- Positive result : presence of leptospira, compatible with leptospirosis.
- Negative result : absence of leptospira or quantity lower than the limit of detection. Important! If the sample was collected after starting an antibiotic treatment, there is a risk to obtain a false negative result.

Do not hesitate to contact us for sample collecting advice or help in interpreting the results.