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Detection of Mycoplasma haemofelis (large form) and Candidatus Mycoplasma haemominutum (small form) by real-time PCR.

Reasons for testing

  • Feline Hemobartonellosis Diagnostics
  • Bacterial Load Monitoring per & post antibiotic treatment
  • Detection of Asymptomatic Carriers.

Test characteristics

Diagnostic samples

  • Feline Hemobartonellosis Diagnostics: whole blood (EDTA), bone marrow, spleen or liver biopsies.
  • Treatment efficacy monitoring: whole blood (EDTA)
  • Detection of Asymptomatic Carriers: whole blood (EDTA), bone marrow, spleen aspirate

Result interpretation

  • Negative result: absence of these bacteria or quantity inferior to the limit of detection. A clinical hemobartonellosis can be excluded.
  • Positive result
    • The type of hemobartonella must be considered for interpretation.
    • A high load of the large or small form of hemobartonella is compatible with a clinical form, whereas a low load is not compatible with it.
    • A positive result with the small form of hemobartonella should be interpreted carefully, even with a medium load, because some cats with relatively high load of the small form can be healthy.